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Whether above ground or underground, in mines or major cities, Schalke is consistently expanding its range of locomotive products. This includes multi-purpose service locomotives for industrial and urban rail transport systems, rail grinding machines and platform vehicles.


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Schalke has a long, proud tradition of creating innovation and has always looked for intelligent ways of using resources sparingly as well as new drive technology and energy supply options – like Schalke ModuTrac locomotives. The locomotive is designed with a hybrid power supply system, featuring a pantograph for overhead catenary and Powerpacks for diesel or battery operation. This hybrid power supply system helps to utilize energy intelligently and precisely adapt it to suit each individual situation. The locomotives are tailor-made to handle widely varying customer requirements and equipped with highly practical innovations, such as exchangeable Powerpacks. If the need arises, any ModuTrac locomotive can be simply converted from diesel to battery operation in less than one hour.


Schalke’s hard-won knowledge and the experience gained in manufacturing rail vehicles specifically for tough working conditions. This led to Schalke consistently expanding its range of products to include multi-purpose service locomotives. This all began on 21 August 1872; Friedrich Grillo founded Schalker Eisenhütte Maschinenfabrik GmbH, a company that manufactured machinery and spare parts for underground mining. Schalke is incredibly flexible in finding custom-made solutions and experiences spanning three centuries.

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Today Shalke locomotives are proud to team up with “The NMT Group” to be an industry leader in the rugged and evolving mining industry. The NMT Group has decades of experience developing and producing mining equipment and has the knowledge and ability to design and deliver a system from one source.












“…Schalke locomotives are electrically driven and they are certified for working in European underground mines. We are fully satisfied with the Quality and Service from Schalke.”


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Accomplishing more together – The NMT Group consists of two renowned companies, Nordic Minesteel Technologies (NMT) and Schalke Locomotives (Schalke). Combined they have become worldwide influencers of engineered solutions and products using the best of Canadian mining excellence and German precision!

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