Our Responsibility


Equal Employment Opportunity

NMT Group is an equal opportunity employer and hires the most qualified individuals to ensure the success of our business. All potential candidates are considered for employment in a fair and consistent manner.


NMT Group is involved in the community at many levels and proudly supports a variety of local, regional and industry endeavors such as:

  • Accessible education
  • Local recreation
  • Mine rescue competitions
  • North Bay Regional Health Centre – Cancer Care


Respecting the environment is important to the success of our company as well as to global well being. NMT Group continually works to ensure that we comply with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. By recycling or reusing wherever possible the amount of material entering the waste stream is minimized. Modern blast and paint equipment has reduced energy use and resulted in less waste sand going to the local landfill. Our equipment is designed to minimize energy use during manufacturing, and we constantly search for new ways of reducing the impact our business has on the environment.


NMT Group is committed to using engineering and innovation to drive a more sustainable business and assist our clients to reduce their energy consumption, improve safety and enhance production rates. Recognizing a need and working in collaboration with our industry contacts has resulted in a growing list of product offerings.

  • Battery powered maintenance equipment for the mining industry – ‘Safety you can see’
  • Fully autonomous underground rail haulage systems
  • ‘ModuTrac’ locomotives – change from diesel to electric in under 60 minutes
  • Aluminum skip design that eliminates 90% of welds thus improving skip life and reducing energy costs during manufacturing


NMT Group is committed to Health and Safety because it is the right way to work.  Proof of this lies in the fact that NMT Group has received the Workplace Safety North President’s award two years running.  With full management support and leading by example, systems and programs are in place that engage all people to deliver on the promise of zero harm.

NMT Group makes use of both internal and external resources to ensure that employees maintain and enhance their skills and certifications.  Apprenticeship opportunities are available for those who wish to further their careers within the organization.  Before being allowed to work with any new equipment each employee receives operator training to ensure a full understanding of its operation.


NMT Group has built its reputation on providing top quality products and is well known throughout the industry for their uncompromising commitment.

  • Management system certified for Schalke Locomotives GmbH and Nordic Minesteel Technology according to ISO 9001
  • Canadian Welding Bureau certified
  • Professional Engineers Ontario Certificate of Authorization