Service Capabilities

Cutting-edge Solutions. NMT Group’s Specialized Service Capabilities.


Our highly skilled engineering team uses the latest 3D design software to design your project, to ensure that from design to build, your solution is completely customized for your requirements. When required, we perform Finite Element Analysis to eliminate any potential high stress areas in our products.


Experienced project supervision, on-site inspections and technical assistance is available for every job we do. Prior to shipping, our equipment is trial assembled and inspected at our plant. We use our test tower facility for optional drop and free fall testing, virtually eliminating the need for this to be done at your site.


Our extensive experience preparing goods for export to the international market means that you can be assured that the product you order will arrive damage-free and on time. We use the latest methods to protect and package our goods and equipment to ensure that your shipment reaches you safe and sound.


Our service during the installation phase is our top priority and we will work with your onsite team to coordinate and oversee the installation of your equipment until it is complete. We know that downtime is lost time. That is why, should you ever encounter a problem or have a question, we are here to help you.