Systems Integration

Success is a matter of teamwork

Accomplishing more together – as renowned specialists, The NMT Group also cooperates with other partners on joint major projects to concentrate expertise and benefit from synergistic relationships. Some examples include complete automated systems for underground rail transport, LKAB Kiruna, PTFI Grasberg, Codelco El Teniente. The NMT Group has decades of experience in developing and producing mining equipment and have the knowledge and ability to design and deliver a system from one single source.

Schalke provides locomotives, train automation and catenary as well as LMV systems. NMT supplies mining cars, loading and unloading stations, as well as track design. The resulting novel system features a high degree of automation and incredible robustness. All the system’s components are designed to withstand 25 to 30 years of continual operation. The system enables constant around the clock operation at high speed and maximum capacity. The automatic operation guarantees maximum effectiveness, cuts costs, and increases safety underground. This vigorous system means reliability is high, downtimes are minimal and operating and maintenance costs are extremely low in comparison.

Through the integration of these collective companies, together NMT and Schalke have established a corporate synergism, offering a vast selection of innovative products to the world market.

  • Nordic Loading System
  • Track Design
  • Wagons
  • Locomotives
  • Power Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Unloading Stations