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Connecting trusted global experts from Canada and Germany together and producing a healthy mix of innovative and proven high-quality solutions and products for the world, always with the involvement of economic interests and in a familial atmosphere.

NMT Group of Companies


Nordic Minesteel Technologies Inc. (NMT) offers integrated underground haulage systems. From Nordic Chutes, loading pockets, rail cars to unloading stations, skips, cages, head sheaves and shaft steel. We pride ourselves on site specific, custom engineered products and can offer various levels of continuous operation and automation.

Nordic Minesteel Technologies


Schalke Locomotives GmbH develops, manufactures and supplies its locomotives to locations throughout the world. They are tailor made to handle widely varying customer requirements and equipped with highly practical innovations, such as exchangeable powerpacks. If the need arises, any ModuTrac locomotive can be simply converted from diesel to battery operation in less than one hour. It also houses the capability to adapt to future traction technologies, due to its modular design. Equipped with an additional pantograph, the locomotive can be operated as a multi-mode unit as well.